Pictures From Baja 1973

Above: Photo's copyright by: TrackSide Photo
As Of: 21 July 2005
By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260
Below: Final Checks at BAJA before the Race.
Photo Courtesy Of: Peter Brock

Below: Something Isn't Right... on the road repairs taking place... but where did all the people come from?
Lower radiator hose leak, caused overheating - just add water, donated by the guys from TrackSide Photo that were there at the time - - and drive!
Photo Taken By: TRACKSIDE Photo Ent., Supplied by Dr. Kenneth Logan

Below: On The Road Again !! The Baja Z was blindingly fast on the dirt /mud/sand roads of the Baja - - but the boulder strewn sections caused problems!! See Fritz Warren photo next below...

Below: Fritz Warren Driving and Don Richards CoDriver/Navigator, in the 1973 Baja 1000. Note: Hitting a large boulder, caused damage to left front shock tower, left front frame rail and damaged steering rack mounts. You can see the skid plate pushed up on the left side in this photo .... miles later the Z lost all steering...