As Of: 29 Sept. 2006
By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260

Note: The above reproduced from the 1973 BRE/Interpart Catalog.

Below: BRE Racing Ad. from Road & Track, 1972. Click on image for larger view.

Below: This is a picture taken in 1973 and shows the original BRE Racing Seats designed by Peter Brock, and as sold by BRE.

Below: This is the only original BRE Racing Seat that I could find. It had been stuck away in someone's attic. The bottom seat cushion was missing, there was white paint overspray on it, it had been cracked and poorly repaired. Nonetheless it was a very lucky find!! It will be repaired/restored and a mold can be taken off it so a duplicate can be made to complete the set.

The upholustry cleaned up pretty well in a couple of spots and was in pretty good condition. So it should not be too much of a problem duplicating it. The problem will be locating the correct grain pattern for the vinyl.

Below: Far Left - The first seat pulled from the new mold. Center - the new mold pulled from the original BRE Racing Seat. Far Right- the original BRE Racing Seat with repairs necessary to build the mold.

Next Step: Lay-up additional seats using black jell-coat and send them to the upholstery shop!