The BRE Baja Z Comes Home

As Of: 16 July 2005
By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260

Above: No Room In The Garage! Four major hurricanes hitting Florida in one year, combined with very low interest rates for a prolonged period, all but consumed the entire building industry here in Florida. So getting my new garage built at an affordable cost became an all but impossible task. The BRE Baja Z came out of the Body Shop only to face a shortage of storage and work space, so quick additional space was needed.

Above: A car port behind my existing four car garage seemed a logical solution. This gave me a place to not only park one of my Z's, but also a place work in the shade.

Above:This 10'x22' car port allows some additional space to park one of my Z's {6'x13'}, and some additional work area. This leaves one two car bay open for the BRE Z Project..