BRE Baja Z
Rear Suspension

As Of: 23 Sept. 06
Up-Date 21 April 08

Pictured Above: Right Rear Strut and Transverse Link. Adjustible Coil-Over's Supplied by Nissan Motors Competition Parts. Special order factory parts from Japan. Note the strut retainer at the bottom of the strut; a cable is attached here, then linked to the body, to limit downward travel when the car is off the ground. (see white arrow in picture).

Pictured Above: Factory Label On The Rear Struts. The Top Line Reads: "S30 RAC FOR RALLY"

Pictured Above: Rear springs had aluminum identification tags affixed.

Pictured Above: Most of the components, bits and pieces restored and ready to reinstall. The R180 is a 4.85 ratio.

Pictured Above: Here you can see the stainless steel cable that limits downward suspension travel as well as the modified rear subframe to allow the exhaust pipe to be mounted as high as possible.

Pictured Above: Here you can see the difference in the size of the shock rod's between the Nissan Competition Shocks, a Nissan OEM replacement cartridge and the Illumina BZ3099 used as a current replacement. The use of the current Illumina's required drilling the center hole in the upper shock mounts out to just larger than 14mm.