Maintaining and Improving the Z Car

This section is designed to assist the Z owner with the day to day problems encountered in maintaining and caring for this fun automobile. In addition we want to include articles on simple, bolt-on performance improvements and accessories. Here is where you will be able to get information on what ails it and what sails it! Your participation is urgently requested. Many of the posting to the Z Car List can be handled here rather than running through long discourses every 6 to 8 months.
So get involved and send along your articles and information to the IZCC for review and inclusion. ZX information is in short supply so any help here would be appreciated also. Remember they are all decendants of a long line of fun, sporty vehicles by Datsun/Nissan.

Member's Maintenance Notes (by Sean Gorman IZCC #2465)

Please feel free to submit articles of tips and tricks that makes the continuing maintenance of your Z easier and more enjoyable.

Maintaining The Performance and Appearance of Your Z

Significant Performance Improvements can be obtained from the L6 and V6 through proper maintenance, tune up procedures, and the use of high quality parts (included here are some more common up-grades that improve reliability and performance).
Also discussed here is the Maintenance of your car's finish and interior.
We are soliciting write-ups related to this subject area.
Brand Names & Part Numbers are important, so please don't forget them.

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Air Conditioning & Heating

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    Body & Interior Finish

  • Early Z Hood (Bonnet) Alignment
  • Source for New Body Seal Rubber
  • Clear Coat Checking Problems, 240/260/280
  • Maintaining Your Dash
  • Removing the 280ZX dash
  • Replacing L6 Ignition and Door Locks
  • Maintaining Your Vinyl Interior
  • Maintaining Your Paint
  • Maintaining the Rubber Parts
  • Keeping Those Mags Clean
  • Recovering Your Z's Tired Seats
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  • Bleeding the Bloody Brakes!
  • Changing Front Disc Brake Pads
  • Turning Rotors and Drums
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  • Suspension 101
  • Replacing Front Wheel Bearings
  • Testing & Replacing Your Shocks
  • Testing & Repalcing Your Springs
  • Inspect & Repalce Your Suspension Bushings
  • How to Change the T/C Rod Bushing
  • Tire Wear & Balancing
  • Front End Alignment
  • Early Z Front End Shake
  • Locking Down Your Steering Rack
  • Maintaining or Adding Anti-sway (Roll) Bars
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    Drive Train

  • Redline MTL for your Z's Gearbox
  • About Oil Filters
  • Changing your Trans and Diff Oils
  • Strapless Differentials
  • L6 Speedometer Gear Teeth - Reference
  • L6 - Correcting Speedometer Error
  • Fixing a Loose 4-or-5-Speed Shifter
  • Half-shaft Maintenance
  • Non-rebuildable Drive Shaft Solutions
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  • Induction Systems
  • SU Carburetor Information
  • Replacing L6 Fuel Injector Hoses
  • Rebuilding SU Video by Scott
  • Intake Air Horns
  • Repairing Boost Control Deceleration Device, L6 Turbo
  • L6 Valve Adjustment Procedure
  • Replacing Valve Stem Seals
  • Removing 280ZX Manifolds
  • Idle Problems With the 280ZX Turbo
  • Oil Systems
  • Oil Pumps
  • Replacing the L6 Rear Main Seal
  • Aftermarket Filters
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Pulleys and Harmonic Balancers
  • Engine Stud Torque
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    Cooling System

  • Early Z Car Cooling Notes
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    Engine Electrical

  • Multiple Electrode Spark Plugs
  • Recurving Your Distributor
  • Converting Early Z Alternators to Internal Regulator
  • Converting the L6 to GM HEI Ignition
  • Replacing the L6 Mechanical Fan with Electrical Fan
  • L6 Cruise Control Teardown Procedure
  • Vacuum Advance Discussions

  • Body Electrical

  • Replacing Power Window Motors
  • Replacing the Stock Radio in the 280ZX
  • My Headlights are Dim
  • My Battery Goes Dead
  • Dash Lights
  • Digital Dashes in '84 to '89 ZX Cars
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    Miscellaneous Info.

  • Things to Look for When Buying a 280ZX
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