What Exactly Is This? The last of the Goertz prototype evolutions or the first of the Matsuo designs???

When exactly was this done? After Goertz left, but before the Matsuo Team was formed? Was Kimura still involved at this point?

Is this the prototype that went to Toyota??

Why Doesn't Goertz have any pictures of this in his Book?

Below: Raise the hoodline a bit for the L24... and this sure looks like a 240-Z. Drop the flip-up headlights and add sugar scoops and it looks a lot more like the 240-Z. If this is Goertz final styling/design... I can see why he claims the design. If this was done after he left... by Kimura... then we would love to hear his story..

Below - this is the prototype "usually" attributed to Goertz.
Below: but is this really the final evolution of the Goertz line? Although Mr. Matsuo does have a front end picture of this in his book. - he sure doesn't show it in this light

If what we see above is really the final evolution of the Goertz line... then it would seem all but impossible to believe that "nothing" from the A550X project was carried over into the Matsuo design... this A550X prototype is just too close in styling to the final form of the Z Car to be denied..