Details About 240Z Dashboards

Contributed By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260

The Purpose of this page is to give the reader information related to the small, but important details related to the design/styling of the dashboad in the Datsun 240Z. There were two basic designs used between the 70/71 and 72/73 240Z's.

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As you can see in the picture below: - the dash design for the 1970 & 71 model year cars (at Top of image below) did not have the indentation (see BLACK arrows in picture below) for the "Hazard Light Switch Position Label". The 72 design did have a "cross shaped" indentation, pressed into the vinyl cover, for the decal that shows the "ON" and "OFF" position for the hazard light switch (see dash at the bottom of the image below).

For 1972, with the change in the center console design, the cigar lighter was installed in the "blank" space above the Hazard Light Switch. The size of the opening for the Hazard Light Switch and the opening above it, were about the same size for the 70/71 design. For 1972 the opening above the hazard light switch was enlarged so that the cigar lighter could be repositioned there (see red arrows). For 1973 a lighted, push/pull type Hazard Light Switch, replaced the older style toggel switch, and the indent for the ON/OFF decal was eliminated along with the decal itself.