Accessories For The DATSUN 240-Z

Persented here are some of the comfort, convenience or luxury accessory items that were made available for the DATSUN 240-Z. Both Factory Authorized and Aftermarket Items are presented.

Contributed By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260 &
The Members and Guests of the IZCC

Last up-date- 05 March 2005..cjb

Factory Authorized Accessories
- -1972 Showroom Brochure

The T-Star Overhead Console
Cargo Area Covers
Childs Jump Seat
Dual Racing Mirror Set
DATSUN/BRE Racing Jacket
T Tops For The 240Z
Contributed by Tim Nevins, IZCC #135

Z Top Brochure Front Cover - pictured above

Yes! - T Tops For The 240-Z
Pictured above is a very interesting and rarely seen Luxury Item. These T Tops were designed and prototypes built in Southern California. Tim Nevins owns the brochure pictured here and Carl Beck has meet and talked to the person that did the design work!

Dick Avery is the Designer's name - and he is tied in another interesting way to the 240Z. If you would like to know more about Dick, and his ties to the very very early Z Car , Click Here

Prototypes of these T-Tops were initially produced using plexiglass. Then when a few orders were received - tempered glass parts were procured from a factory in Mexico. After the first month several cars had been done - and the owner of the business came into work one morring - only to find that the remainder of the stock glass parts - had all shattered for some reason (about 400 pieces!). Something had been processed wrong - but none the less the business was bust! A few months later the owner had a heart attack and the entire operaton was shut down. So you won't find too many cars with these units installed...