The 1978 DATSUN 280Z Black Pearl Edition

Contributed to the Z Car Home Page
by: Andrew Streckfuss, IZCC #6438
and Bryon D. Hill, and Carl Beck, IZCC #260

This summary is intended to give you general information about these special edition cars.

Last Update: 2 June 2011

Pictured At Right: - A Nissan Ad showing the Black Pearl Edition 280Z with Sports Appearance Package. Note: Optional Aluminum Road Wheels, and see below.


The 1978 Black Pearl Edition 280Z was the first black Z Car Produced. It was actually a test market device to determin if the color black should be added to the Z Car model line colors. It was so successful that in 1979 with the introduction of the 280ZX Datsun featured their all Black 280ZX's in their "Black Gold" ad.'s.

We know what at least one Black Pearl Edition with the "SPORTS APPEARANCE PACKAGE" was sent to each Authorized Datsun Dealer in 1978, with the larger volume Dealers receiving more than one. Thus at least 850 Black Pearl Editions with the SAP were produced and most likely something closer to 1200 or 1500 of them. We have no offical production figures for the number of cars which received only the Black Pearl Metalic Paint (but not, the Sports Appearance Package.).

Shown in the picture below: is the "Dealer Sheet", which Nissan Motors sent to all the Datsun Dealers introducing the "Black Pearl Edition" with the "Sports Appearance Package" (SAP). Note that the original pinstipes were Red and Silver. Click On Image for full size view.

Pictured below: an original Window Sticker for the Black Pearl 280Z , Followed by an original Window Sticker showing the extra cost options a) Special Apperance Package, b)5-Speed Transmission and c)Factory Air Conditioning . {contributed by: Bryon D. Hill, Dalton, GA, and Carl Beck IZCC #260}

Pictured below: A Japanese dealer sales flyer that describes the optional aluminum road wheel, that was available on the 1978 Z. Followed by a Japanese to English translation.
Contributed by: Andrew Streckfuss, IZCC #6438. .

Although Z did not attain its respectable status only by
the equipment, no other automobile is furnished as
complete as Z.

* Michelin tire and aluminum wheel

Z is not the type of automobile to speed like a maniac; while it normally travels gently and straightforward, it has the ability to quickly dodge any unexpected change in a situation - for example, when a child suddenly jumps on to a street. This swift footwork, which guarantees Z's safety, is, of course, due to the excellent balance and superiority of its total facility including ideal and sharp sterling features. Yet, in order to perfectly exhibit such distinguished performance security, Z's basis is entirely guarded with radial tires. Especially, Z-T employs the Michelin steel radial tires and 5 1/2 J-14 aluminum wheel. (Z-L adopts 195/70HR-14 steel, and Z wears 175SR14 steel.)
- - - End Translation - -

A Datsun Ad. that featured the Black Pearl Edition. {contributed by: Bryon D. Hill, Dalton, GA}.

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