Cargo Cover For The DATSUN 240-Z

Contributed By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260

Last up-date- 28 Sept. 2003..cjb

Below: This is a Cargo Area Cover For A Datsun 240-Z.
Note the pockets on the bottom. There is a metal rod that layed between the shock towers to support the center of the cargo cover.

Below: This is a close up of the "hook" that attached to the Z deck lid and lifted the cargo cover when the deck lid was opened. The "hook" is attached to a rubber bungie cord and is allowed to streach with the deck lid when opened.

Below:Here you can see the type of snap used to attach the cargo cover to the shock towers.

Sorry to say that at this point I can not find the original installation instructions. I know I have them somewhere and I'll Post them if I run across them again.

Below: 1977/78 Cargo Cover Installation Instructions
This is a DATSUN ACCESSORY - Nissan Part Number 999900-034