Competition Hood Scoop

DATSUN 240Z Competition Hood Scoop - for 1973.

by Carl Beck, IZCC #260

Pictured above is the Competition Hood Scoop that DATSUN installed, at the Dealership Level, on a very few 1973 DATSUN 240Z's.

Installation Instructions: Cut A Big Hole In The Hood!

Following are the (actual) Dealer Instructions related to this vent:

If heat-related situation persists on a 240-Z, install a 240-Z Competition Hood Vent on a customer complaint basis.

The 240-Z Competition Hood Vent is a center-mounted, hand layed fiberglass design. It has a flat black finish to match any 240-Z, but may be painted a matching color.

The location of the competition vent on the hood was designed to consider, in addition to esthetic improvement, assurance of an adequately increased air flow of air from the engine compartment during all phases of driving. Thus it is center-mounted, with side openings provided to maximize improvements in driveability.

As a result of the esthetic as well as performance improvement gained from the competition hood vent, it is being sold as an accessory, but may also be used as a field fix for those vehicles with all the -V- kit installations which may still be experiencing high ambient temperature drivability problems. Installation instructions come with the kit.

Guarantee Information. Guarantee claims will be accepted only for the 1973 240-Z vehicles with all -V3- and -Modification Plus- completed, and which will be experiencing driveability problems during high ambient tempetures. DSM prior approval is required

Questions or Comments, may be sent to: Carl Beck,, IZCC #260