The Original Plan For The Datsun 240-Z

As Of: 18 Sept. 2006

Copied below is the original Sales Brochure published by Nissan Motors Ltd. Japan, that Introduced the DATSUN 240-Z for America. This was printed sometime before Oct. of 1969, as they were in the hands of the Dealers by late Oct. 1969.

As you can see, the original plan was for an L24 with Triple Solex Carb.'s putting out 175HP, with a five speed overdrive transmission, 3.364:1 rear gear, 5 1/2 inch wide 14 inch wheels.

In 1973 I had an opportunity to work with a Factory Service Team, that was in our Dealership to address hard starting and vapor locking problems with the 1973 240-Z's. I ask the Factory Rep's why we didn't get the 240-Z as outlined in the early brochures. Proposed US Emissions Standards released after the initial Sales Brochures were printed - killed the Triple Carb 175HP engine.

In it's final configuration for American, the emphasis on "Sport" was slightly reduced and the emphasis on "GT" was slightly increased. Full carpeting, clock, signal seeking AM radio, tinted glass and rear window defroster became standard equipment, although some of the very early cars into America and Canada were delivered with vinyl floor mats, no rear window defroster and clear glass. These cars prior to HLS30 1456 were to be retrofitted with the rear window defrosters per Service Bulletin TS72-29.