"You Can't Get There From Here" or "Debunking The German Designer Myth"

Contributed By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260
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Do you want to know the true story of the Datsun 240-Z?
Good lies made good myths - they are simple, easy to understand and don't take much of your time. That's why they are so popular. So I'll make one up for you.
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Did You Know That This

Was Evolved To This:

Here Is One For You: Did you know that the Goertz design (shown above), done on the joint Nissan/Yamaha project at the end of 1963 and begining of 1964 was really founded on work done by another Design Consultant hired by Nissan? That's right - Michellotti in Turin designed the Triumph GT6 in the begining of 1963. Michellotti designed the Skyline Sports Coupe in 1967 for Nissan

Unlike the Goertz designs (the Datsun Silvia Coupe and Toyota 2000GT), Michellotti's designs sold well in the market place.

Note the vent windows, rear quarter windows and main body lines... both had higher than usual greenhouses for taller people, and both were Sports/GT's powered by in-line six's. The Triumph GT6 went on sale in 1966 and over the years sold over 40,000 units.

If Patric Bedard can start a Myth - why can't I?. This would seem to be as true as any conjecture can be - and quite frankly I think this one is more logical, supportable and believeable than most.

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