1970 The Z Car Goes Racing
..(and ends up in the history books).

by Carl Beck, IZCC#260.


This summary is intended to give you a list of cars and drivers, as well as a list of names, that are associated with the early days of Datsun's competition efforts related to the Z Car.

The Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) and Bob Sharp Racing (BSR) Teams, And The People Surrounding/Supporting Them

The Players at that time (69/70):

Nissan Motor Company in U.S.A.

- Yutaka Katayama, President of Nissan Motors In U.S.A.

- Lee Wylie, National Service Manager, Nissan Motors In U.S.A.

- Bob Yorba, Supervisor Product Support Group

- Tom O'Connor, Performance Parts Manager

The BRE Team 1970/1971:

- Peter Brock, Owner

- John Morton, Z Car #46 Driver (1970 & 71)

- Dan Parkinson Z Car #3 Driver (1971)

- Mac Tilton, Crew Chief

- John Caldwell, Chief Engine Builder

- Floyd Link, Engine Builder

- Ray Guss, Engine Builder

- George Boskoff, Can Do Anything and Everything...

- Bruce Meyers, Can Do Anything and Everything...

- John Knepp - Electronics and Transmissions

- Kirk Allergo - mechanic, (can do anything else too)

Main Sponsors: Nissan Motors Western Division, Champion Spark Plugs, Valvoline Oil Company and FRAM Oil and Air Filters. (I still buy all these products to this day..ed).

The BSR Team:

- Bob Sharp, Owner

- Bob Sharp, Driver Z Car #33 (70 thru 75)

- Jim Fitzgerald, Driver Z Car# 38

- Pete Mullen, BSR Competition Manager

- John Jasensky, (Jasen), Race Engine Specialists

Main Sponsors: Nissan Motors Eastern Division, Bob Sharp Datsun/Ferrari, Sunoco Oil Company

The BRE Time Frame:

1968: Nissan Motors in U.S.A. puts BRE under contract through their Western Offices, to undertake a high performance development program for the Datsun 2000.

1969: Pete Brock sees the first pictures of the new Z Car in late summer.

1970: January - Late in the month, the BRE Team received their first Z Car. This is one of the first 20 to arrive in the U.S. on the first boatload from Japan. (cars HLS30 0004 through HLS30 00024 maybe??).

The BSR Time Frame:

1970 Bob Sharp Racing receives the first delivery of 240Z's for race prep.

Interesting Tid-Bits:

Crankshafts: The Z Cars that came in on the first boatload from Japan (20 cars) had six counterweighted crankshafts - this lead to serious harmonic vibration problems above 6000RPM, and lead to failures in the racing engines. An eight counter weight crankshaft has been standard since that first shipment.

Cost To Build: Pete Brock said in Nov. of 1970, that it would cost about $11,500 to build Car #46 (not counting the R&D spent on the racing program by Nissan). A stock Porsche 911S at that time was around $10,500 and $40,000+ in SCCA racing trim (not counting the R&D spent by the factory)

Spoilers: The rear spoiler was supplied as a Factory part from Japan. The front ÒSpookÓ was developed by Pete Brock. While the SCCA rules did not allow aerodynamic devices,they did allow Òcooling ductsÓ for brakes...so the front air spoiler with brake cooling scoops was added to the BRE cars:-)... the combined air "spoiler" and brake "scoop" resulted in the "BRE Front Spook" creative!

HP: The early 240Z engines in the BRE car were putting out 240HP + according to BRE (everyone knew it was more than that based on the cars performance however).

Early Cars & Drivers 70/73:

Race Car #46 Driver John Morton, BRE Team (HlS30 0005?)

Original Car reported as destroyed in Phoenix race.

Replaced with early 70 production car (HLS30 01xxx).

Race Car #3 Driver Dan Parkinson, BRE Team

( Car # 3 is currently fully restored and owned by Gerry Mason & Gerry Mason Jr. of xxxx)

Race Car #33 Driver Bob Sharp, BSR Team (HLS30 000?)

(Car # 33 is still owned by Bob Sharp)

Race Car #38 Driver Jim Fitzgerald, BSR Team (HLS30 00006).

Race Car #45 Driver Walt Mass, Fremont Datsun

Race Car #11 Driver Don Kerney, Boulton Motors, Miami

Race Car #48 Driver Frank Leary, FAR Performance

Race Car #85 Logan Blackburn

Race Car #14 Bob Speakman (HLS30 00008).

SCCA C/P Championships: (C Production )

1970 John Morton, BRE 240Z #46

1971 John Morton, BRE 240Z #46

1972 Bob Sharp, BSR 240Z #33

1973 Bob Sharp, BSR 240Z #33

1974 Walt Maas, Fremont Datsun 260Z #45

1975 Bob Sharp, BSR 280Z #33

1976 Elliot Forbes-Robinson Jr. BSR 280Z #33

1977 Logan Blackburn, Race Car #85

1978 Frank Leary

1979 Paul Newman, BSR (280ZX bodied 240Z engine) #33

1984 Morris Clement, 280ZX (2.8L) - ???? C Production??

SCCA SSA Championships:

1977 D. J. Fazekas

1978 D. J. Fazekas

SCCA GT1 Championships:

1982 Paul Newman, BSR (280ZX Turbo 2.8L)

SCCA GT2 Championships:

1984 Morris Clement #21

1986 Scott Sharp BSR 280Z Car# 33 (same 1975 Championship Car, driven by his Father Bob Sharp.)

IMSA GT/U (Grand Touring Under 2.5L)

1976 Brad Frisselle, #47

1979 Don Devendorf, Electramotive Racing, #83 (280 ZX

Body/240Z Engine)

IMSA GTO (Grand Touring Over 2.5L)

1982 Don Devendorf, Electramotive Racing #83 (280ZX Turbo 2.8L)

Other Drivers and Cars Of Special Note:

* Bob Speakman Race Car # 14
-71 to 75 in SCCA - first Z to complete 24 Hours at Daytona in 1971
-75 to 85 in IMSA GTU

* Don Devendorf's Electromotive 280ZX Turbo Car#83 (IMSA GTU)

* Frank Leary & FAR Performance 280ZX Turbo

* Jim Fitzgerald SCCA GT-2 280ZX #38

* Frank Honsowetz IMSA GTU #48

Datsun/Nissan Engine Builders of Special Note:

John Caldwell - BRE Team,

Floyd Link

John Knepp - Electramotive Team

Gene Crowe - Bob Sharp Racing

The First Boat Load To The United States:

by: Carl Beck, IZCC# 260

It was commented on at the time by many automotive writers and press people that the first Boat to arrive in the U.S. carried along with the regular shipment of Datsuns, were Twenty Z Cars. (not a documented fact yet)

The Internet Z Car Club has been trying to track down all 500 of the first Z Cars produced in 1969, however that ÒFirst BoatloadÓ is of very special interest to many people. Here is what we have found so far.

If you know of the existence of any of the cars that are not accounted for below, please contact Carl Beck e-mail: beck@space.honeywell.com, Phone: 813-535-0384 Web Site: http://www.zhome.com/

Z Cars HLS30 00001, 00002, 00003, 00004 -

It is told that these chassis numbers never left the factory. They were used as Production Mules, and for U.S. NTSA Certification Cars (crash tested then distroyed).

Z Car HLS30 00005

This is believed to have been delivered to Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) in late Jan. of 1970, after its stunt in the Automotive Press Tour.

Z Cars HLS30 00006 and 00007

Were all believed to have been put on the Show and Mag. Circuits first for New Model Introduction - then given to Bob Sharp Racing ...A model (girl) sat on the hood of car #006 and bent it - so BSR got it sooner than expected.

Car HLS30 00008 was the car used for the Cover of Road & Track Mag. Jan. 1970 issue. It was then shipped to Bob Speckman for competition purposes.

Z Car # HLS30 00006:

-Show Car Circuit - model sat on hood, bent
-went to Bob Sharp Racing
-raced first by Bob Sharp as Car #33 -then raced by Jim Fitzgarld as Car #3
-sold to Dr. Allen Robbins - Restored for Vintage Racing

Z Car # HLS30 00007:

- Show Car Circuit -

- ??????

- Ron Cooke in L/A...

Z Car # HLS30 00008:
-Show Car Circuit - and cover of R&T in Jan. 70
-Delivered to Bob Speakman in Lutherville, MD. Raced as car #14
-Today owned by Dr. Tom Bork, Restored for Vintage Racing

Z Car #HLS30 -







00016 - Jim Frederick, Tampa (Lutz) FL

00017 - John LaMaide, Lilse, Ill.



00020 - Carl Beck, Clearwater,Florida





Note: Of the first 500 Z Cars produced in Oct., Nov., and Dec. of 1969, only 74 have been found to be still in existence.