1988 300ZX Turbo SE / Special Shiro Edition

Contributed- by: Tom Kyle, IZCC #6574

[As of 25 Oct. 2005]

Production Quantity: 1000

In Janurary of 1988 Nissan Held "A White Sale." As part of that sales promotion, Nissan issued a special Limited Edition of the 300ZX Turbo SE Model - Called the Shiro Special Edition 300ZX Turbo SE. Refered to as the SS Edition, this car was painted in a special Pearl White paint (Shiro means White in Japanese). the Special Shiro Edition had the following as standard equipment:

No options; all are identical
- 1002 made between 1/88 and 3/88
- part of "Nissan White Sale"
- VG30ET engine
- 5spd. Overdrive Manual Transmission - Viscous LSD
- two-seater
- T-tops
- black interior
- cloth Recaro seats
- exclusive Pearl White paint (returned as a regular option for '89)
- exclusive white 16" wheels
- exclusive "European" air dam
- Analog dash
- AM/FM cassette
- non-adjustable suspension, very tight
- regular climate controls (sliders)
- priced $1000 over "normal" Turbo Z

According to the factory sales brochure, there was also a special Maxima offered at the same time. It was white (not pearlescent however) and featured a front spoiler. Mechanically I believe it was identical to a standard Maxima, and it wasn't a limited edition.


According to Brian Draginda, #6595: Only 75 of the SS 300ZXt's were imported into Canada. These cars had a special indentification plate, with the series number, located just below the shifter.