The 1984 NISSAN 300ZX 50th Anniversary Edition

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These Silver and Black
50th Anniversary Edition Z's
have become one of the more
Collectable Z Car Models.

This summary is intended to give you general information about these special edition cars as sold in North America. (as of 25 Oct. 05)

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To commemorate their 50th Anniversary (1934 to 1984), NISSAN MOTORS Ltd. issued a Special Edition version of their new 300ZX Turbo. The 1984 300ZX Turbo "50th Anniversary Edition" was produced in limited numbers. A continuation of the popular Z-Car line, the 300ZX featured substantial technical advantages over its predecessors and continued the movement of the Z Car from its role as a Sports/GT toward a more modern and luxurious Grand Touring Car.

While a few other 300ZX Turbo models that year displayed the 50th Anniversary logo (shown below) only 5000 1984 300ZX's received the truly "significant" appearance and performance enhancements found in the 50th Anniversary Edition Option Package.


BODY: Type: 2 seater coupe, t-tops Drag: .31 Cd. Weight: 3,050 lbs

ENGINE:(SOHC,3.0L,V6 Turbo,Iron Block and Aluminum Heads) Bore x Stroke: 3.43 X3.27 in, 87.0 X 83.0mm Compression Ratio: 7.8:1 Fuel System: Nissan ECCS electronic fuel injection Turbocharger: AirResearch T5 Max.Boost Pressure: 6.7 psi Displacement: 181cu in. HP (SAE net): 200hp @ 5200rpm Torque (SAE net): 227 lbs-ft @ 3600 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 4spd Automatic or 5spd Manual

SUSPENSION: Front: ind, MacPherson strut, coil sprints, anti-sway bar Rear: ind, semi-trailing arms, coil springs, anti-sway bar Note: 3 way adjustable shock absorbers

BRAKES: Rear: 10.8-in vented disk Front: 11.4-in disc

PERFORMANCE: Accleration: -0-60: 7 Seconds -Quarter Mile: 15.44 sec @ 89.5 mph -Top Speed: 137 mph Braking: -60-Omph: 130 ft

50th Anniversary Edition "Features"

The 1984, 50th Anniversary Edition 300zx Turbo came with perhaps the longest list of STANDARD features in automotive history. The only option buyers had was an automatic, or manual transmission.

The Following Features Were On All 50th A.E. 300ZX's:
(Note: The Links Below Are To Full Size JPEG Images Averaging 60K each!)

Standard "Power" Package (found on all fully loaded Z's) including: - Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Heated Remote Control Side Mirrors, Cruise Control,
Rear Defrost and Wiper, Headlight and Windshield Cleaners, Auto-dim Interior Lights with Door Handle Control, Anti-theft System, Voice Warning System: "Left/Right Door Open", "Parking Brake ON", "Lights ON"

Digital Dash Board with advanced displays for: MPH, RPM, Engine Efficiency, Instantaneous Miles Per Gallon, Range To Empty, Gallons Remaining, Positive and Negative Acceleration (measured in "g's"), Dual Trip Odometer, Compass, Clock