Welcome Race Fans!

That is how Dr. Allan Michael Robbins, of Rochester, New York welcomes you to his garage. In addition to owning the sixth Datsun 240Z ever built and the first one to be delivered to a Datsun Dealer; Dr. Robbins owns SharpSite Racing.

Picture below is HLS30 00006, along with a few words about the history of this very important Z Car.


HLS30 0006 (or #0006), along with #0007 and #0008 were rushed to the hands of NISSAN MOTORS of North America at the very end of 1969. These cars were intended to be used for the Automotive Show Car circuit and to be photographed by the Automotive Press. (NISSAN does not usually sell any of the first 25 vehicles assembled, while starting up a new assembly line, to the public - instead they are used for production mules, assembly line training, and quality control inspections to assure correct process control)

On the Show Car Circuit, a model (a pretty young girl) was with #0006, when she decided to sit on the roof of the car for a photo opportunity! ("an overly exuberant model" in Dr. Robbins words). Light as she thought she was - this activity still resulted in a somewhat large dent being put in the roof of the car! (so much for its Show Car days!)

As Bob Sharp Racing (BSR) had signed up with the Eastern Division office of NISSAN MOTOR Co.- USA, to campaign a Z Car in the SCCA's C-Production Class - someone at NISSAN PR decided that this would be the ideal car to send to Bob! So BSR received the car earlier than expected, when it was pulled from duty on the Show Car Circuit...

According to Bob, he remembers this car well. He first saw it at the New York Auto Show. It was a dark green car.

After BSR prepared #0006 for racing, it was campaigned by Bob Sharp himself through most of1970 as BSR Race Car #33. When a second car was received in the Feb. 70 time frame, it was prepared for Bob to run in the SCCA C-Production Run-Off's in Atlanta that fall.

#00006 was then turned over to Jim Fitzgerald, who raced it as BSR Race Car #38 at the Run-Off's.


Pictured above is: the SharpSight Shop (the real physical one) with GTU 280Zs in foreground flanking #00006 240Z. In background GT-2 280Z with GP roadster, vintage 510 and Newman/Peyton Camaro

Note 1: Bob Sharp was interviewed for the History Channel production of "the History Of The NISSAN Z" you can purchase a copy of that program (its a must for Z Car nuts!) by visiting the A&E Channel's Web Site.

The Automobile History Tapes are for sale at the A&E Web Site, in their "Store" at: http://store.aetv.com/ Just scrol to the bottom of the page - and use the "Search" function. Enter "Automobile" Then scrol down to NISSAN Z. If you order this tape on line - pay close attention - its not very easy to follow:-)...but it can be done. (I know I just did it!).

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you have additional information or corrections please send them to me.

Carl Beck
IZCC #260
As of 11 June 98