For Sale - 1972 Datsun 240Z - BSP Solo II Prepared
Ready to Show, Race or Drive as a GT
In NJ Now From California

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To: Carl Beck
From: "James Resnick"
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001


My, how word spreads quickly!

It's a restored silver 1972 240Z with red interior (which was the original combination, too), presently garaged in Wanaque, NJ (about 35 mins from NYC.) Many performance mods, but the car appears completely stock.

The car was bought in Calabassas, California when I lived there. I started the restoration then (1996) and made very slow progress, as I had little time. Engine assembled by Pierre Z, components prepped by JG Engine Dynamics and myself. Suspension done by a former friend's engineering / race shop in Huntington Beach. (The friend is former; the shop I have no idea if it still exists.) The bodywork was done by a shop that did a lot of project cars for Petersen Publishing's car magazines. (I used to be a technical editor at Car Craft, Hot Rod, and Chevy High Performance...) It was built to compete in BSP Solo II, and simultaneously be the prettiest BSP car on the course, but I've never run it. No time.

I'll probably ask about $17,000 in the late spring. The car is here in NJ (moved back here in 1999), in my heated garage, and has seen very little use here, and has never been driven in anything but sunshiny weather.

Most importantly, the car has never had any rust.

I have photos, but I need to scan them.


Porsche Silver, no filler, triple primer coat, base, color, clear, wet-sanded once.
Red interior with new interior plastic panels (some of interior done by Pierre Z)
New windshield (no pits, scratches)
European bumpers (all chrome, no rubber, no overriders)
Talbot side mirror
14x6 BWA 4-spoke alloys wheels (period-correct) w/RE71s 205/60-14

L28 block / port-matched N42 head (JG Engine Dynamics) / dished pistons (runs on anything) Nissan Motorsport baffled/chambered oil pan ($$$)
Reworked SUs with custom needles (Pierre Z)
Have virgin set of Mikuni 40mm sidedrafts with 34mm chokes & manifold
(never mounted, these are no longer available)
Mild Crane cam (second listed in their cam guide for Nissan inline-6s)
Production 5-speed (rebuilt; not the Motorsport 'box)
R180 3.54:1 ring & pinion w/ Nissan Motorsports L.S.D., shimmed
Adjustable-perch struts w/Tokico 5-way adjust. shocks (225-/175-pound springs f/r)
Fabricated strut braces and adjustable camber plates (plates mounted under towers, not above)
Motorsport header, 2.25-inch exhaust system
280ZX electronic ignition
Stripped, scoured, sealed gas tank, new fuel lines
4-row radiator (survived L.A.-S.F.-Tahoe-Death Valley-Vegas-Oatman-Phoenix trip in May, 2000; about 2,100 miles)
Greenstuff brake pads, shoes
DOT-legal braided flex brake lines
Original owners manual
Needs radio


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Product & Technology Public Relations
Mercedes-Benz USA
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