Welcome To The Internet Z Car Club (IZCC)


Who We Are:

We are fans of the Datsun/Nissan line of Sports GT Cars, known around the world as the "Z" cars. We are an International group, that meet along the Information Superhighway, and stop along the virtual roadside for friendly discussions, and common encouragement in the enjoyment of our favorite automobile.

IZCC Vision Statement

The People We Serve:

The IZCC is dedicated to the People around the world, that consider themselves " Z-Car Fans ", of the Datsun / Nissan series of Sports and GT Automobiles.

As friends, we gather in the virtual space of the Internet, to exchange information, provide on-line help to one another, and friendly discussion related to our common interest in the Z Car.

Admission to our group is free and open to everyone around the world, that shares our interests and finds their way to our virtual doorway.

Having banded ourselves together at the beginnings of the Information Age, we look forward to a rapidly growing membership, comprised of as diverse a group of individuals as the world can provide. Unified by our common interest in and affection for the Z Car.

Our Club:
We will be driven by our members needs and the explosive growth of our membership list, as more and more people around the world enter the Information Age via the Internet. We organize ourselves loosely into a Virtual Club, to assure the continuity of our purpose, the continuation of our dialog, and the provision of the Z Car Mail List and the Z Car Home Page .

What We Do:

We provide a forum for general discussions about, and the exchange of information related to, our "Z" Cars. That forum is enabled by the use of an e-mail list server. Everyone is invited to "subscribe" and join in the discussions.

Additionally we build and support the Z Car Home Page published on the World Wide Web. The Z Car Home Page provides a wealth of information about the "Z" Car, and we intend it to be the definitive source of "Z" Car related data and information.


Our Mission Is:
The Mission of the IZCC is to promote fellowship and goodwill among all people that share a common interest in the Sports and Grand Touring Cars, produced by Datsun / Nissan, and which are known as " the Z Cars ".

Gathering for dialog, offering moral support to one another, and extending the helping hand of knowledge to everyone; the members of the IZCC maintain a free and open doorway to all, in the virtual space of the Internet.

Our Objectives Are:
We will have accomplished our Mission if we meet the following objectives:
  1. Provide a virtual meeting place for all Z Car Fans, on the Internet. Assuring that everyone that finds their way to our cyber door, is treated with the kindness and respect that we would want for ourselves if we were travelers in a strange land.
  2. Provide a World Class information resource, that is useful to our members and guests, in the acquisition, maintenance, improvement, repair, restoration, and general enjoyment of our Z Cars.
  3. Conduct ourselves in the finest of Democratic Traditions, which assures that every individual is Free to enjoy their Z, in their own individual and unique way.

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