The following picture shows the car both in action and in static poses. Enjoy!

The following four images were all shot by Scott Chytil at the NWR SCCA Event number 4 in 1999. I actually have a passenger in this image. It sure doesn't look like he's doing his share of holding the car down on his side though!

With nary a cone in close proximity I don't remember if I was lost or just giving my passenger a tour of the nether reaches of the Kent lot.!

Wow! I'm actually looking ahead in this shot! This was a tight little box-type maneuver that required you to wiggle through. The next section was off to the left of the photo (where my gaze is directed) It was definitely a fun course!

If you look closely (and it's more obvious in the actual photo) the right-hand side of the car is very heavily loaded and conversely, the left-hand side appears to be barely touching the ground. No lifted tires, but that's not for lack of effort!

This image shows Tim going AROUND the cone pictured below. The car is VERY heavily loaded on this side (and not just because the driver is over there!)
This image shows Randy about to install one mother of a cone mark on the passenger side of the car. This also is at SCCA #4 in 1999 and is a Scott Cytil image.

Gee, it looks like Tim is about to hit that cone!



These two images were snapped by Paul Peck at the Seattle National Tour in 1999. This was near the finish on the first day. As you can see the conditions were drying out and I wasn't helping myself by running directly over cones! I wasn't last, but I certainly didn't do as well as I'd hoped.

Randy McKamey.jpg (16880 bytes) This is a photo of Randy driving the car at the '99 McKamey Autocross School in Kent, WA. As you can see, the right suspension is heavily loaded! He is in the middle of a "Chicago Box"  which is a really quick right-left-right manouver. He is doing the left part in the photo.
This is a picture from three quarters rear. This was at a practice early in the '99 season.

This was before I removed the last of the badges from the body of the car.

Yep, it's licensed, smog-legal and drivable as a street car. (notice, I never said anything about comfortable!)

rear three quarter.jpg (28796 bytes)