The "BRE Race Car #3" Picture Library

Contributed by: Gerald Mason and Carl Beck

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(side view on track - photo by Pete Brock)
BRE Team Car #3 Still Competing

(black/while -on track at Road Atlanta)
The BRE #3 Car As Raced in 1971

(car sitting in driveway at Jerry's house - shows driver side view)
Car When First Completed, Exact Down To Each Decal

Original Tac and Steering Wheel as Raced in 1970

(Jerry and Jerry standing behind the car at the track by the truck)<
Driver: Gerald Mason Jr. / Owner Gerald Mason Sr.

(picture of engine/ carb's)
Original BRE Engine As Raced In The 70's - Still Strong

(two engines sitting on shipping pallets with signs showing engine numbers)
Two Original BRE Engines From 1971 Runoff Qualifying - As Received From Peter Brock - 1995

(shows engine on engine stand - carb's and headers etc.)
Original BRE Engine Has Been Rebuilt - note pan and headers

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