Don Ahrens
Races A Z Car In E-Production (EP)

You are invited to visit Don at:
"Ahrens Z Car Specialist, Inc.", in Gainesville, Florida
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Don Ahrens:
Since 1982 I have been preparing and racing Datsun/Nissan automobiles. In that time, I have learned what changes, or modifications, as well as what specific parts will really yield the most performance improvement for your hard earned money.

My areas of expertise include driveline setup, brake systems, suspension setups for racing, and race car setup's for specific tracks. We can source or produce most anything you need.

My personal goal for the year was to qualify for the Valvoline Run Off's, SCCA's National Championship, which I did. My schedule for this year is listed here.(see: Club Racing - Southeast Division) Persons wishing to attend events to spectate or assist us need to call me and arrange for needed credentials (I can always use help). We are also seeking financial help in this endeavor. So whether you can provide money or services call to be part of this winning team! 1-352-378-5710.