Jim Goughary's 1998 SCCA GT-2
Championship 300ZX

As reported by Jim
As Of: 11 July 2002

Pictured Above: Jim Goughary's 1998 SCCA GT-2 National Championship 300ZX.

Driver: Jim Goughary

Crew Chief: Gene Mazza (Binghamton, NY)

Engine Builder: David Auerbach

Car: Nissan 300ZX

Engine: L-28 Nissan

Jim Goughary also holds the Mid-Ohio run-offs Qualifying record in GT-2 with the same Nissan. This record was set at the 1999 National Championships and still stands today.

Jim Writes:
We built this car in 1995. It is a "Chassis Dynamics" tube frame with a fiberglass body and steel roof. Suspension is unequal length A-arms in the front and a speedway engineering live axle in the rear. We use Penske triple adjustable racing shocks, a torque sensing differential, PBS racing 5 speed gearbox, Wilwood brakes, Aluminum racing hubs and aluminum front spindles.

We use the L-28 motor for several reasons; lower development costs, lower minimum weight (per SCCA rules,2080# with L-28 or 2280# with 3.0 liter V-6), and a lower polar moment of inertia for improved handling due to a higher concentration of weight in the center of the car.

The motor has a 2.8 block, E-31 head (240Z) with larger valves, 14 to 1 compression, carillo rods, J&E pistons, billet crank designed by David Auerbach, dry sump, Motec individual runner electronic fuel injection. We used mikuni 50mm carbs until 2001 when a rule change allowed the use of fuel injection.

In addition to the National Championship we have won the northeast division SCCA championship 3 times (with this car) and we hold the following GT-2 track records.

Watkins Glen
Summit Point
Mid-Ohio (run offs qualifying only)