Welcome To Vintage Racing

Contributed By: Tom Bell, IZCC #2802

The Purpose of this page is to give the reader a general idea of what "Vintage Racing" is and how to get yourself involved.

as of 27 Nov. 98
If you like your Vintage Sports Car, and other cars like it, and you want to see a bunch of them out there on the track, join one of the vintage racing groups! I have been a member of Sports and Vintage Racers Association (SVRA) for seven years.

If you join, you get:
Membership in the group, which brings you free admission to their club events, and contacts for finding parts, cars, etc. plus the club's publications (SVRA has "The Line"), telling you about racing, results and For Sale items.

Cross-club communications which tell you about activities of other clubs. Frequently, there's a mututal exchange, letting you go to their events free or at a nominal charge.

Events at the track that are lots of fun: SVRA has a German dinner at RA, the 'chili wars' at another track, and a lobster fest at Roebling Road. These are either free or very reasonably priced....

Touring sessions at these events at a modest or minimum charge. For example, SVRA's May event at Road America: touring is $25, IF you're a member. You can't tour if you're not. Touring at the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) event at RA is $40.

Vintage racing driver's school at the tracks, and discounts for Skip Barber and others.

The list goes on. But the point is that you're with other car people who can help you or vice versa, and you have the opportunity to learn more about your car, their cars, and the tracks. You'll see some vintage machinery that's 'quaint', exotic, rare and in need of TLC. You might even become attached to that little race car over there and trailer it home to your 'significant other'.... A bit dangerous, but it's been known to happen.....

SVRA races at: Summit Point, Road America, Roebling Road, Mid-Ohio, Sebring and other tracks around the country. VSCDA races in the midwest at Road America, Mid-Ohio, Grattan (Michigan) and Blackhawk Farms (Illinois).

If you like your Z (doesn't matter what year it is!), you'll find these people to be like you. You should enjoy yourself, even if all you do is walk around, look at the machinery, talk to the people and watch the action on the track at very close range. Beware: no instant replays and no coverage of the entire track on TV.

Try it!

Tom Bell
IZCC 2802