Nissan Factory Service Manuals

The Purpose of this page is to provide pictures of the original Nissan Factory Service Manuals for the Z Cars. It is intended to assist collectors and restorers in the identification and purchase of the correct and original Factory Service Manuals

Page Last Up-dated: 24 April 2001
Contributed by: Carl Beck, IZCC #260 and Eric Himmer, IZCC #10,479

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1970 - 72 Factory Service Manuals:

The original printing of the 1970 Factory Service Manuals for the Datsun 240Z was done in two volumes. One for the Chassis and Body and a second for the Engine. By 1971 these two volume sets were combined into one volume. Likewise the 1972 Factory Service Manuals were produced both as a two volume set and then combined into a single volume upon later printings. So you always want to be careful when buying, to assure that if you are looking at a single volume from the two volume sets, that you either get, or can find, the second volume. If it is a copy of the single volume printing make sure it say's "Engine and Body/Chassis".

1971 Factory Service Manual:

1972 Factory Service Manual - Single Volume:

1972 Factory Service Manual - Two Volume Set:
Issue Date: Engine - 10th September 1971

Issue Date: Chassis/Body - 15th February 1972

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