Tap In To Measure Boost w/ Aftermarket Boost Gauge

By Andy Woo

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Last updated: 980513

I've discovered that there are numerous areas where I can tap an aftermarket boost gauge into. I show two examples, primarily to allow the boost gauge to be closer to the passenger side, and the other example closer to the drivers side. This provides a location that will require a shorter hose length to bring it into the car.

A picture of the left side of my engine compartment. Notice the big black bar ... that mounts to the engine starting just above the "BO" of "TURBO" :). Also notice a little hose, the diameter roughly of a pencil coming out of this bar.

big black bar

A picture of the same area of the engine compartment from the side of the car... from here we can see the two hoses (one larger, with a metal clamp/ring very close to where it joins into the big black bar (bbb)... let's call this one hose A. And one slightly smaller, which connects to the bbb and leads off to the DRIVER's side of the car... let's call this one hose B)

vacuum hoses

So... we zoom in... and we see the hose A. in the left side of the image.

vacuum hose of interest

So... we zoom in... and we see hose A on the bottom right of the image, and hose B starting from the bottom right of the image beside hose A, but then hose B leads away from the passenger side over to the driver's side. Notice that from where hose B joins the BBB, we see that about 2-3 inches away, there is a metal piece (shiny and silver colored in the picture... although a little fuzzy) attached to the hose and this metal piece, then changes shape / shrinks down to a small metal piece that plugs into a thinner hose that leads off to the drivers' side of the car.

more detail on hoses

Zoom in of this small metal piece joining two hoses.

Ok.... so the picture here is a little fuzzy. But this metal piece attached to hose B, which connects to the bbb, is ONE of the places I can tap into the boost. You unplug the hose on the side of the metal joint that leads toward the driver's side of the car... NOT the side of the hose that leads into the bbb. With this unplugged hose, I plug this into my 'T' for my boost gauge. This 'T' allows me to use my aftermarket boost gauge, yet retain the functionality of the stock boost sensor. On one side of the 'T', I plug in this hose I've disconnected, on the other side of the 'T', I have a short piece of hose connected to it, with the other end of the short piece of hose ... I plug into the place where I unplugged the original stock hose. At the bottom of the 'T', I have a hose that runs to my aftermarket boost gauge. For a picture of the 'T' and the aftermarket hoses, see below.

The reason I would tap in here is if I plan to run the boost gauge in through the passenger side of the car.

metal connector between vacuum hoses

If I want to tap in closer to the driver's side of the car, I follow hose B across the car...

driver's side engine area

... following the hose B over to the top right side of car (closest to the driver's side), we notice that the hose goes passed the brake and clutch fluid reservoirs.

getting closer to boost sensor

At the end of the hose, I see it is attached to a small black box. This is the stock boost sensor.

boost sensor box

See where the hose B connects underneath the small black box? Disconnect the hose from this small black box, and 'T' into it using the same technique described earlier.

Hose we want to 'T' into

Here is an example of the 'T' I was talking about. So, the 'hose piece' goes into one side of the 'T', and the other end of the 'hose piece' would go where I had unplugged the stock hose. The stock hose would go on the other side of the 'T'. And notice that at the bottom of the 'T', the hose for the boost gauge, leads of to connect with the boost gauge.


Boost Gauge, 'T' fitting to vacuum hose

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