Cleaning Coolant Temperature Sensor Connector

By Andy Woo

Created : 980515
Last updated: 981103

One of the things I've sometimes heard happen is that connectors get corroded over time. And one of these connectors is the connector for the coolant temperature sensor. So, I decided to clean mine out. A friend of mine definitely had corrosion problems, mine was more on the mild side.

So, here's where the connector is relative to the engine bay.


And here is a close up of the connector. I *VERY CAREFULLY* removed the metal 'U' ring that helps clip the connector onto the sensor. It is very springy, and you don't want it to pop off into your engine bay somewhere. It would be like the needle in the haystack situation!


And here we have the 'U' ring removed, and the connector disconnected. You can see the two parts of the connector. Clean the two male and two female metal pieces of the connectors.  You can either use some kind of solution or if there is a lot of corrosion, an 'emory board' from someone's make-up drawer.  Cut the worn part of the board when it gets really dirty and worn down.  Remember to replace the emory board <grin> :-).


Reverse the process to reconnect and re-clip the 'U' ring. Simple yet effective.

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