Power Steering Return Hose Leak.

Here is a diagram that Courtesy Nissan faxed to me.  Below are pictures that I took with my digital camera. The colored annotations on the diagram are my references to my pictures.  Vince's (Courtesy Nissan) hand-written text on the bottom part of the faxed diagram I think is incorrect. I believe that the hose he indicates actually clamps to the hicas unit.  Basically, ignore it.

(You can click on the real pictures I took to get a bigger version)  I have annotated it to show you the hoses that I need.  In the digital pictures that I took that follow this diagram, I show a real live example of what I'm looking for.  I am essentially looking to replace the light blue colored "curved" hose (the one that connects to the reservoir port "a" shown with yellow) Click here for larger image and the purple/magenta colored "straight" hose (the one that connects to the reservoir port "b" shown with green)Click here for larger image.  I have a 1993 300ZX TT.  My concern is that the purple/magenta hose that I'm looking for, on MY car and as shown in the pictures, has some kind of metal fitting that does not seem to be removable at the bottom of it (shown in a powder light blue/turquoise that I've labelled "C")Click here for larger image.  At the top of this hose, it uses a regular hose clamp.  In the diagram that Courtesy faxed me, I see a 1994 year on the picture, and I know from looking at my friend's 1994 NA, that indeed that particular hose, is just a hose that uses a regular hose clamp at either end to secure it to the return hose into the reservoir at the top and the metal hose rack at the bottom.  But, if you look at my pictures, mine has a different fitting at the bottom part of the hose where it connects to the metal hose rack.  The metal rack is shown in 'dark blue'.  The 'fitting' that I have, but is shown as just a regular hose clamp in your diagram is labelled as "C" and in 'powder light blue/turquoise'.

Again, you can click on any of my pictures to get a closer view, but I think it's fairly obvious what I'm talking about.  I just want to make sure I get the right hose and/or a secure way of replacing the 'stock' hose.  From talking with Vince at Courtesy Nissan, I was told that on my car, I would have to replace that hose and the metal rack (dark blue colored references) that comes as ONE piece.   This is not too appealing to me.

How would I "install" such a fitting as the one labelled "C" ?  This was my original question, but from talking to Vince, it sounds like it can NOT be replaced by itself.  Unless brought to a special shop that can crimp this hose onto the rack for me.

The alternative I am contemplating is to use a '94+ hose... ie. just a hose, with a hose clamp on either end.   Has anyone done this? I'm concerned that the metal rack fitting may be different between 90-93 and 94+, and specifically, that the 94+ cars, designed the metal rack DIFFERENTLY with the mind set that a clamped hose will be used versus a crimped fitted hose as shown on my '93.

Any experiences, or knowledges of the similiarity or differences in the metal rack ends would be greatly appreciated.

Andy Woo, Thursday, January 6, 2000.