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how to install Turbo Timer with factory alarm
1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (DETT) Theft Warning System
stock condition
The Nissan 300ZX theft warning control unit receives a signal from the ignition switch to tell itself the ignition switch is in the ACC or ON position. If the ignition switch is in the OFF position, then the theft warning system can be set by locking the driver's side door and closing it, holding the handle up or closing the door and using the key, turinig it counter-clokwise and back to lock the door or the last closed is the hood or rear hatch. At this time the security lamp will illuminate. In 30-40 seconds the security lamp will turn OFF, indicating the security system is set.
HKS Turbo Timer and Harness
Whan using the HKS Turbo Timer and Harness the vehicle will idle down, but the theft warning system cannot be set until the Turbo Timer turns OFF. The reason is, the theft warning control unit receives a signal from the ignition switch it is in ACC or ON position. Use the following procedures in order for the theft warning system to be set with the Turbo Timer ON.

NOTE: If the vehicle has an automatic transmission 1990-1992 it will be necessary to disconnect the key lock solenoid connector. (fig 2)
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1. Disconnect negative (-) side terminal from battery.
2. Pull back the carpet on passenger's side floor and remove board to uncover ECU. (fig 1)
3. The theft warning control unit is located above the and to the right of the ECU. (fig 1)
4. Remove the theft warning control unit (it may be necessary to remove ECU and other components first).
5. Disconnect the 16 pin connector from the theft warning control unit. (fig 1)
6. Reconnect the negative (-) side terminal of the battery temporarily and use a voltage meter between pin #3 and chassis ground for battery voltage with the ignition switch in the ACC and ON position and 0 voltage in the OFF position. (fig 1)
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7. Remove knee protector and air duct on the driver's side to get access to key switch connector located near steering wheel column post. (fig 2)
8. Use a voltage meter to check each wire of the key switch connector to chassis ground with the connector connected. One wire will have a constant battery voltage and the other will have battery voltage only with the key inserted in the key cylinder of ignition switch. (this wire will be spliced into theft warning control unit connector pin #3)
9. Disconnect negative (-) side terminal battery.
10. Cut #3 pin wire from theft warning control unit connector and tape up end to ignition switch.
11. Splice #3 pin wire to key switch connector wire. (refer to Turbo Timer manual for splice connector installation) (fig 2)
12. Reconnect ECU, theft warning control unit, other components that were disconnected then reconnect negative (-) terminal of battery.
13. Start the engine and complete the following to check alarm system:
A- Set Turbo Timer for 1 minute
B- Roll down driver's side window
C- Set hand brake with gear in neutral or park
D- Turn ignition switch to the OFF position and remove key
E- Close door and lock with key to arm theft warning system
F- After Turbo Timer turns OFF, unlock and open the door from the inside to

activate the alarm system ( use key to unlock the door to disarm alarm system)
G- If alarm does not function properly recheck wiring and connections
14. Reinstall all components necessary for this installation
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** Aftermarket alarm by Greg(RI)

If I remember correctly, the problem I ran into was that the alarm senses ignition voltage to decide if it can arm. The turbo timer supplies voltage to the ignition lead, thus the alarm can't be armed with the timer activated. To solve the problem I installed a normally closed relay in the alarm's voltage sense lead. The relay is switched by the turbo timer's ignition lead. This way when the timer comes on and supplies voltage to the ignition, the relay is opened and the alarm ignition sense lead is isolated from the ignition lead, thus the alarm is fooled into thinking the car is not running.

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