E31 & E88 Cylinder Heads

contributed by: Carl Beck, IZCC # 260
Note: The question of, "which head do I have and how can I tell them apart", comes up often in any discussion of the E31 and E88 heads for the L Series Engines. I know these are not the best pictures of the combustion chambers - but they are better than nothing - and are intended to support any discussion of this subject...

The E31 head was used on the 1970 and 1971 Model Year Z's. There are at least two E88 heads. One was used on the 1972 Model Year Z's and the other was used on the 1973 240Z and the 1974 260Z. For performance applications the 1972 E88 is considered a better design, thus yeilding better flow than the later E88's.

You can spot the E31 and early E88 heads because they have a distinct notched area just to one side of the spark plug hole. The later E88's lack this notched area and are smooth on both sides. See the pictures belolw.

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