How to make your Z sound better

By James Patterson, IZCC#81

There have been a lot of questions posed on how to get "good" sound in a Z. Personally I prefer the header, 2.5"exhaust and flowmaster route but that is just what I call "music to my ears". On the other hand I have a friend who is a professional car stereo sales/installer and a national IASCA judge (the huge sound competitions). He is also a Z enthusist. He has done about all you can do to make his Z fast (custom threaded and shortend struts, port and polished, balanced and blueprinted 2.8 hi-comp with Mikuni side drafts, headers, etc...) and have good sound. ( the car is 71Z)

These are some of the things he has done:

This all sounds like overkill to me... but if you want "good" sound... This is what someone who was looking for the best possible sound in their Z did. He also noted that the Z with it's small passenger compartment and highback seats makes a terrible sound platform but it sure is a hell of alota fun 8).

James Patterson , IZCC#81 , 72 240Z