From: Doug Miller on Tue, Jul 23, 1996

Longer Wheel Studs

Well, in case anyone ever needs longer wheel studs for their Z, I have done the needed research for you :-)). The ONLY place to get longer studs with the right thread and knurl is from Nissan Motorsports (or whoever may act as a distributor for them, e.g. Motorsport Auto). The only drawback is the price - $8 a piece!!

For the cheapskates (e.g. me!), I found a reasonable alternative. The studs from 86-92 Mazda RX7 are 52mm long (i.e. 10mm longer than the longest Z/ZX stud), and have a 12.9mm knurl diameter, slightly bigger than Z's 12.8mm knurl. I pressed them into the original hole without problems. Since they are the same diameter (12mm), there is no need to remachine hubs, rotors, wheels, etc. HOWEVER, they are 1.5mm pitch, while the Z has a 1.25mm pitch, so new lug nuts would be required. Anyway, at $1.30 per stud, this was a bargain.

Leon Gurevich 77 280Z w/350 Chevy