Dyno Results Reported

Contributed By: Carl Beck, IZCC #260
and The Members and Guests of the Internet Z Car Club

This section is intended to give you a some information / feedback related to reported Dyno results. One has to keep in mind that test results are effected by a number of factors, and that results will vary from Dyno to Dyno. What is most usefull and meaningfull, are results taken on the same Dyno - on the same day using the same test procedures.

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These Dyno Results Were Contributed by David Smith, IZCC #6121

Message for Beck Carl J
From: 	David Smith
  To: 	z-car@CS.Princeton.EDU
Date: 	Thu, Sep 21, 1995 10:27 AM

Subject:-all-  Dyno results

I recently mentioned that our club (Nissan Datsun Sports Owners
Club in Melbourne, Australia) held a Dyno Day.
For those interested, the results are below.

-------              -------------    (kW)  (BHP)    (kW)  (BHP)
Datsun 1000          Standard           42   56       55     73
Datsun 1000          Race               51   68       66     89
Datsun 240Z          2.8L               91  122      118    159
Datsun 240Z          Race              128  172      166    223
Datsun 240Z          RB20 turbo         84  113      109    146
Datsun 260Z          Standard           75  101       98    131
Datsun 260Z          240Z carbs         76  102       99    132
Datsun 260Z          Warm               93  125      121    162
Datsun 260Z          350 Chev          184  247      239    321
Datsun 260Z 2+2      Standard           72   96       94    125
Nissan 300ZX         Chip, Exhaust     112  150      146    195
Nissan 300ZX TT      AVO Mods          201  269      261    350
Nissan Skyline GTR   Standard          200  268      260    348
Nissan Skyline GTR   AVO Mods          215  288      280    375
Nissan Skyline GTR   Boost, Exhaust    234  314      304    408
Nissan Skyline GTS   Standard           97  130      126    169
Prince Skyline GT    Standard           45   60       59     78

Unfortunately, the age of the vehicles was not recorded. 
However, both 300ZX's are the latest body style ie 90+.

To get the engine figures, I have added 30% to the rear wheel
measurements to allow for driveline losses.  The dyno owner gave
me this figure as the one to use for his dyno, based on his
experiences with engines measured on an engine dyno and then on
his chassis dyno.

The 300ZX owner was disappointed with his results, actually having
lost some 25 horsepower from stock.  The opinion was that the chip
was not suitable for the intake and exhaust changes he had made.

The Prince owner was also disappointed but, after correcting his cam
timing, he came back and recorded 11 more rear wheel kilowatts.

The 300ZXTT has what I would call a Stage 1 motor (changed 
air filter, chip and boost control).  The 408hp GTR is also "Stage 1"
but with changed cam timing.  Interestingly, the 375hp GTR is more
like a "Stage 2", also having bigger turbos and an extra injector.
Needless to say, the owner is now investigating his cam timing.

David Smith
Secretary, NDSOC