V8 Swaps for Z Cars

Introductory Discussion by Paul Richer:

- Required reading list:
- FAQ's

FAQ's For V8 Swaps: (Swapping from a straight 6 to a V8)
Why would anyone do this?
Will I ruin my car?
What could I expect when I am done?
What suspension and Frame changes are required?
Can I still race my car?
If you are thinking about it, you need this book!
Scarab Installations
Setback Installations
Differences for 280ZX Installations
Chevrolet Experiences
Ford Experiences
Chrysler Experiences
What is Fast?

Stage 1 - Easy (?) Stuff For the V8 Swap:

- Purchased Kits
- Chevy Power
- Ford Power

- Other V8's

Stage 2 - More Advanced Mods for V8 Swap:

- Building Up the Suspension
- Increased Cooling Systems

- Better Brakes

Stage 3 - All Out Quest For Max. H.P V8 Swap:

- Supercharging
- Nitrous....
- Frame Reinforcements
- Tubing out a Z Car
- Gearing for the 1/4 Mile
- Wheels and Tires