The SCARAB Conversions

Contributed By: Carl Beck & Bruce Bladon
As of 28 Feb 2003

Copied below is an article from "Import Automotive Parts and Accessory Magazine" as of Nov. 1978. Photo's by Jeff Zwart and Article by Lorna Fitts. Click on the images to see/read full size.


The following is a list of articles that provide more information related to the SCARAB Conversions:

Motor Trend, February 1976
Road Test, September 1976
Australian Sports Car World Quarterly, Oct/Dec. 1976
Road Test, December 1977
Road and Track, January 1978
Car and Driver, April 1980
Car and Driver, September 1980
Hot Rod, October 1980
Autoweek, March 23, 1981
Autocross and Grassroots Motorsports, October 1988
Sport Z Magazine, Winter 2002

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