The BRE Race Car #3
A History in Brief

By Carl J. Beck

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HLS30 01733 rolls off the assembly line


HLS30 001733 arrives at the BRE Shop and is prepared for SCCA C-Production


McComb takes the BRE #3 car to the SCCA Run Off's and finishes third behind Morton and Sharp. This was the first race for the car!


Dan Parkinson is given driving duties by BRE for 1971 - takes the car to the SCCA Run-Offs a second time.


Jim Gammon in Miami purchases the car and continues to race it. Again in the Run-Off's!


Car is purchased by Logan Blackburn and raced in the SCCA. Logan won the SCCA C-Production Championship with it in 1977 and raced it through 1979 (sponsored by Jim Campbell Datsun as car #85)


Gerald Mason purchased the car from Logan Blackburn.


With his son Gerry driving he won many national races, three divisional championships and finished as high as third in the runoffs thru 1985.


The BRE #3 Car qualified for the Run-Off's every year except 1980/81 when it was not seriously campaigned.


Gerald Mason and his son restore to the car to its original 1970 configuration and enters Vintage Racing with his son.


Raced 11 times as of this writting (14 September 1997), with 9 class wins and several overall wins in large fields. Gerald and Gerry just won overall at both Mid Ohio and Elkhart Lake (Aug. 97).

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