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For both B and C transmissions, disassembly consists of:

- Drain the oil and remove the reverse switch

- Remove the throw-out bearing and clutch fork

- Unbolt the front bearing cover and remove it

- Remove the input shaft bearing snap ring

- Remove the case bolts and tap the bell housing forward off the transmission

When I do this, I gently set the transmission on end so that the bell housing is resting on 2 2x4s with the tail shaft pointing up. When I have the case bolts out, I lean the transmission over and place another piece of 2x4 in the middle under the input shaft. Then I lower the transmission until the tip of the input shaft is resting on the piece of 2x4 supporting the whole assembly balanced on the input shaft. I then tap down around the bell housing until it drops away.

Chapter from service manual


         F4W71B                                                 FS5W71C






Bell housing modifications

The 71B bell housing needs a few modifications in order to fit the 71C transmission.


I had a machine shop in Knoxville do the work. Ken at Newcomb Machine and Welding did this and milled a new slot in the speedometer drive pinion sleeve for $74 total. Incredible; I think he gave me a break because I'm a friend of a friend.



 F4W71B relocated reverse switch               FS5W71B switch                          FS5W71C



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