The History of the Internet Z Car Club

In Brief: (the more complete story will be hyperlinked to this on the Z Car Home Page)

1987: Bob Weissman (IZCC# 176) starts the "z-car list" on an e-mail list server on the Internet.

1992: John De Armond starts the Internet Z Car Club (IZCC), via a post to z-car list.

1994: Salman Shami (IZCC #82), builds the first "Z Car Home Page" on the Internet at Melbourne University AU.. Stefanos Damianakis (IZCC# 01) puts a mirror site up at Princeton University.

1994: John DeArmond moves on, and turns over the "Z Car List" and the IZCC to Stefanos Damianakis (Stef.) at Princeton University. Paul Richer (IZCC# 64) becomes the second President of the IZCC when he volunteers to help out:-)

1996: Carl Beck is appointed President of the IZCC by Paul Richer; as Paul gets more active in Local Z Club support.

Carl then leads a planning group, formed of IZCC Members (ZWEB Task Team), to define the future of the IZCC, and to formalize where necessary it's Charter, Organizational Processes and Structure.

The "Z Car List" is moved to the Texas A&M, Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX). As Stef gets ready to graduate and Princeton's server gets overloaded. Dr. Al Powell (IZCC# 585) and Paul Sittler provide our new host site at TAEX. Eric Brinkman (IZCC# 187) becomes List Moderator to help off load Stef...

The Z Car Home Page is moved to OmniWave Corp. in Tampa Florida, when Steve Tinsky offers a free host site with direct internet connection for the IZCC. Beck Systems Inc. provides the Web Server and Software. Jeff Hill becomes WebMaster, and Eric Binkman takes on the responsibilities of List Administrator.

Vision and Mission Statements for the IZCC are developed by the ZWEB Task Team. Ownership of and responsibility for the "Z Car List" and "The Z Car Home Page" are turned over to Carl Beck and the IZCC, by Stef and Rich.

The "Z Car Home Page" becomes a group effort. Section Leads and Individual Contributors are recruited, as this becomes a Club effort, rather than an individual effort.

1997: Carl Beck assumes responsibilities of List Administrator/Moderator for the Z Car List.

2001: Elie Rosenblum volunteers space on his servers at Cosanostra Net for "the Z Car Home Page", as OmniWave Corp is closed.

2001: Tony Fruzza (IZCC# 2514) IZCC Membership Chairman, writes an automated member sign up system, and membership search engine for the Z Car Home Page.


IZCC #1 Stefanos Damianakis
(Princeton, NJ, USA)
IZCC #64 Paul Richer
(Snohomish, WA, USA)
'71 240z <- 350 Chevy, 73 240Z
IZCC #82 Salman Shami
(Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia)
1974 260Z 2 door coupe, 5 speed, alloys
IZCC #176 Bob Weissman
(Mountain View, CA, USA)
'87 300zx Turbo
IZCC #187 Eric Brinkman
(Memphis, TN, USA)
1992 300zxtt
IZCC #260 Carl J. Beck
(Clearwater, FL, USA)
'70 240z, '72 240z (orginal owner)
IZCC #585 Al Powell
(Bryan, TX, USA) 1983 ZX-Turbo
IZCC #1796 Jeffrey T Hill
(Tampa, FL, USA)
Junior at the USF College of Engineering (Computer Science)
Webmaster for Z-Car Home Page
IZCC #2514 Tony Fruzza
(Pine Mtn. Club, CA, USA)
`72 240Z, `73 240Z, `81 280ZX GL
Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) "helps people improve their lives through an educational process which uses scientific knowledge focused on issues and needs." Much of TAEX's mission involves information transfer to the people of the State of Texas. Like many government agencies tasked with providing better service with a shrinking resource base, TAEX has long been interested in innovative approaches to better serving the public without the barriers of time and distance.
Paul M. Sittler:
Paul M. Sittler is a Computer Systems Engineer for the Texas A&M, Agricultural Extension Service. He received a BS and MS in Vocational/Industrial Technical Education from Texas A&M University.
Steve Tinsky
OmniWave Corp.
3615 W. Waters Ave #188
Tampa, FL. 33614-2783