For Your 90+ 300ZX
How To's or How Someone Else Did It!

[ by Andy Woo, IZCC #776 ]

Last Updated : 2000/10/08


Brakes Suspension Accessories Maintenance/Problem Solving/General DISCLAIMER: These "How To" items were put here to show what individuals have done/experienced, and is not to be taken as qualified, tested, nor proven techniques. Individuals have submitted information from the goodness of their hearts in an attempt to share their experiences and information with others. There is no intention to promote nor advertise illegal or unsafe procedures. Individuals will not assume any responsibility or liability should you decide to mimic or follow these procedures. You assume your own risks. Everyone should assess their own expertise, the skills required for a given procedure, and the risks involved and decide for themselves whether or not they should attempt a given procedure. Remember, variances do exists between Z's being produced for different countries and even different states. Variances also exist between different model years. Take this all into account before you attempt to follow any of the procedures. The authors have been kind enough to leave their e-mail addresses to field questions/comments/suggestions.

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